Water Conservation: 10 Tips to Save Water and Money

Water running from spout into bucket outside

Like money, water is a precious resource and we must conserve it in every way possible. With the global population growing each day, water conservation is more important than ever before. Here are 10 tips to help you reduce your water usage and save a little money in the process!

1. Turn off Water While Brushing Your Teeth

Letting the water run down the plughole while brushing your teeth is a huge waste of water, and therefore money. Turn off the tap as soon as you’ve finished brushing, and then turn it back on again when you need to rinse.

2. Take Showers Instead of Baths

Believe it or not, a shower can use less water than a bath. Filling up the tub takes more water than you need to bathe in. Swapping your bath for a shower can save water, time and money.

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3. Take Smarter Showers

The average shower is typically 8-10 minutes, but how many of you actually need the water to run for that entire time? It’s wasteful to leave the shower on while you lather up your hair or shave your legs; instead, switch it off while you carry out these tasks.

4. Save Waste Water for Plants

If you’re waiting for the hot water to run cool or vice versa, grab a container and catch the unwanted water. Set it aside and, when it’s room temperature, it will be ideal for watering house plants, or wherever else you need it. Similarly, cooled surplus water from cooking pasta or vegetables can be used with outdoor plants.

Water running from spout into a full bucket outside
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5. Catch Rainwater

An easy way to conserve water and live more sustainably is by catching rain runoff from your gutters that will otherwise end up down the drain. Attach a water butt or suitable container to your gutter to catch the water when it rains. Water butts soon fill up after a few days of rain and store the water ready for use in the garden or for other purposes that don’t require clean drinking water.

6. Make a Cistern Water Saver

Older toilets use much more water but by using the plastic bottle method, you can save a litre of water from every flush. Place a few stones or marbles into a clean, empty one-litre bottle and top it up with water. Pop on the cap and slide it into the side of the cistern, where it is out of the way. Ensure it’s weighted well so it doesn’t move when the flush works. This will save one litre of water for every flush. Easy!

7. Don’t Flush Everything

Put used cosmetic tissues and wipes in the bathroom bin instead of flushing them, particularly if you have an older loo. Toilets use anywhere from two to a whopping 10 gallons of water per flush!

8. Turn off Water While on Holiday

If you won’t be home, for a few days, try turning off the water supply while you are away to conserve some water. The EPA has found that 60% of water waste comes from constantly dripping garden hoses so this will stop all that unnecessary waste. Plus, it will limit the risk of an unexpected household flood.

Coiled orange garden hose leaking from the pipe
Image by StarbuckATC from Pixabay

9. Fill Appliances Fully Before Running

When washing dishes, only run the dishwasher when it is full. Similarly, wait until you have a full load before washing your clothes. 

10. Fix Leaky Taps

Dripping tap? Fix it sooner rather than later as those drops soon equal gallons of wasted water! In the meantime, pop a bucket underneath to save the water for use around the home or garden.

Tap with drops of water leaking from the spout
Image by Rajesh Balouria from Pixabay

Save Water for the Planet and the Bank Balance

We should all be trying out best to conserve water wherever possible. Remember it’s a win-win situation: while you may not be able to see the good employing these strategies does for the environment, you should soon see a positive impact on your bank balance!

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